Major St. Johns County development announcement

According to an article by Allison Colburn – Reporter – Real Estate & Economic Development, Jacksonville Business Journal, the 1,600-acre commercial development shaping up in north St. Johns County has added more than a dozen tenants to its line-up, the developers announced Tuesday. Those tenants, which will open locations in Phase One of Durbin Park, […]

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LaVilla’s master development plan

According to the article by Allison Colburn – Reporter – Real Estate & Economic Development, Jacksonville Business Journal,  Downtown Investment Authority pursue five key projects to encourage the area’s economic growth and opportunities:two multifamily developments, creating a walking trail through the neighborhood, increasing transportation options for cyclists and creating a program to help develop infill townhomes […]

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Downtown Jacksonville

There are approximately 8,600 people living in Downtown Jacksonville. Some believe that it will  double if projects in the pipeline come to fruition, according to the State of Downtown report released Wednesday.: Click here for more detail.   What is your opinion on living Downtown?

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The future of commercial property management in Jax

According to the Senior Vice President and COO of WRH Realty Cynthia Haines, “The speed of economic and technological changes means the right path we took yesterday will not work well today and could be a disastrous approach if prolonged use is in place. The industry will continue to evolve becoming incredibly efficient, utilizing mobile […]

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New construction is coming to Town Center

Site clearing has started where a proposed office building along Gate Parkway will be built, the same week a tenant announced it has leased 100,000 square feet in the building. Click  here for a full article What is your opinion on the traffic?

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The Shipyards Future

Three companies have submitted proposals to redevelop The Shipyards and Metropolitan Park (from $350 million to more than $1 billion of private investment). Click here for more detail. What do you think?

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